Reading Plus Home Learning Guide for Families

Our school is using the Reading Plus program to help your student become a better reader. Reading Plus helps students develop the skills they need to be proficient readers and lifelong learners. Through regular Reading Plus practice, reading will become easier, comprehension will increase, and your student will make meaningful connections between reading and learning.

Watch this video with your child to learn more about Why Reading Plus Works. (3.5 min)

Ready to Get Started? Here’s How!

Each school provides parents and guardians with a Reading Plus letter that includes your child’s site code, username, and password. Your child can use this information to log in at For schools that provide a portal for their students to access their online programs, the school will provide the link and login credentials.

New Students Only – Take InSight

Is this your child’s first time using Reading Plus? If so, the first time your child logs in to Reading Plus, he or she will complete the Reading Plus InSight assessment. The assessment takes 30-50
minutes to complete.

Supporting Your Child Before the Assessment

Help find a quiet place for your child to take the assessment.

  • Provide headphones so your child can listen to short orientation videos. Let your child know that these videos will guide him or her through the assessment.
  • Tell your child that it will take approximately 30-50 minutes to complete the assessment. Some students take more time, some take less.
  • Let your child know that it is okay to take a break during the assessment. Reading Plus will “bookmark” your child’s place if he or she needs a break.
  • Remind your child to do his or her very best!

Instruction will begin automatically after the InSight assessment is completed. Your child will work in the Reading Plus lessons that meet his or her needs, based on assessment results.

Support Your Child’s Work

Review the Student Dashboard with your child at least twice per week to ensure that all assigned lessons are completed.

What to Look for:

  • Ensure that Reading lessons are completed first. Reading lessons supply almost all Reading Plus data and are the highest priority.
  • Celebrate success! For example, congratulate your child on every Reading lesson completed with 80% or higher comprehension.
  • Look for Combos. Your child will earn a Combo when he or she completes two Reading lessons in a row at 80% or higher comprehension. Combos will help your child to move up a Reading level, so celebrate them!
  • Remind students about ReReads. When answering questions in Reading lessons, students can look back at what they read to ReRead it. This helps them pick the right answer. Check to make sure your child is using ReReads.
  • Ensure assignments are done by the end of he weekend. For most schools, assignments reset every Sunday night at midnight.

Looking for More?

Assign Writing

Click the Writing tab to access the Writing page

  • To respond to a prompt, your child can click on the prompt of choice and type a response directly within Reading Plus. The response can be printed by simply clicking the print icon beneath the prompt.
  • You may choose to use the Reading Plus Rubric for Grading Writing to review your child’s work.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers have great ideas about what else students can do to build reading skills. Talk to your child’s teacher about what your child is doing in Reading Plus, and what else your child can do to build reading skills while working at home.

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