Attendance & Absence

At St Austin’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that high levels of attendance and a punctual start to the school day are important for all children. We believe that promoting excellent attendance is the responsibility of not only staff but also of pupils and parents/ carers.  We have high expectations of our pupils in terms of behaviour and attitudes towards learning. In school we celebrate good attendance and class winners each week are congratulated in our newsletter.

All children should be at school, on time, every day , unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. We aim to ensure that every pupil has access to the full time education to which they are entitled and as a result ‘strive to be they best they can be’. Occasionally your child may be reluctant to attend school, we encourage parents to discuss any concerns they have with the class teacher in the first instance. You may also speak to our Learning Mentor, Mr Laurie, or our Attendance officer, Mrs Scott.

We work closely with the Education Welfare Service and will discuss cases of absences  with our designated Education Welfare Officer. Where school feels that your child’s attendance is below what is expected, we will write to you and may also invite you into school to discuss this further.

School will not authorise family holidays during term time. Any request for absence must be submitted in writing using the Absence Request Form, well in advance of the absence.

Reporting an absence – please contact the School Office by telephone (01924 339435 [Option 1]) by 9.30am on each day your child is absent from school and provide the reason. It is also possible to report an absence by messaging ‘Contact Office’ on Class Dojo.

Is my child too ill to come to school?

Please use this link for NHS guidance on when a child should be absent, for how long plus additional advice for parents.

Absence and anxiety

The Dfe have reported  that there is a recognition that ‘more children may be absent from school due to symptoms of anxiety than before the pandemic. Worry and mild or moderate anxiety, whilst sometimes difficult emotions, can be a normal part of growing up for many children and young people. Being in school can often help alleviate the underlying issues. A prolonged period of absence is likely to heighten a child’s anxiety about attending in the future, rather than reduce it.’ If you feel that your child is struggling please contact a member of our Pastoral team.



Please read our Attendance Policy for more information.