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Executive Headteacher: Mr. R. Barraclough Head of School: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 25th April 2022

Spiritual Reflection – Doubt no longer but believe

Happy Easter! Our reflection this week focuses on the Gospel Reading for the 2nd Sunday of Easter and is found in John’s Gospel (John 20:19-31). The Gospel combines two scenes: Jesus’ appearance to his disciples after his Resurrection and Jesus’ dialogue with Thomas, the disciple who doubted.

Part of the mystery of Jesus’ resurrection is that he appeared to his disciples not as a spirit but in bodily form. We do not know exactly what this form was like. When Mary of Magdala first encountered the risen Jesus, she did not recognise the figure standing before her until Jesus spoke her. The disciples walking on the road to Emmaus did not recognise Jesus until he broke bread with them. We know that in his resurrected body, Jesus was no longer bound by space; he appeared to the disciples in spite of the locked door. And yet, on this resurrected body, the disciples could still observe the marks of his Crucifixion.

Jesus greets his disciples with the gift of peace and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus also commissions his disciples to continue the work that he has begun. As Jesus was sent by God, so too does Jesus send his disciples. Jesus grants the means to accomplish this mission when he gives his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit binds us together as a community of faith and strengthens us to bear witness to Jesus’ Resurrection.

Thomas, the disciple who doubts, represents the reality of the Church that comes after this first community of disciples. All but the first disciples of Jesus must believe without seeing. Like Thomas, we may doubt the news that Jesus, who was crucified and buried, appeared to his disciples. It is part of our human nature to seek hard evidence that the Jesus who appeared to the disciples after his death is, indeed, the same Jesus who was crucified. Thomas is given the opportunity to be our representative who obtains this evidence. He gives witness to us that the Jesus who was raised is the same Jesus who had died. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are among those who are blessed for we have not seen and yet have believed.

After School Sports Clubs

After school sports clubs for this half term are as follows:

Mondays – Football Club Years 3 and 4 – spaces still available                           
Tuesdays – Football Club Years 5 and 6 – spaces still available
Wednesdays – Multi Skills Years 1 and 2 – FULL
Thursdays– Rounders Years 5 and 6 – spaces still available

If you would like to register your child for an after school club please use the new online payment system, School Money. After school clubs are charged at £1.50 per week.


School Money 

A number of letters and message information regarding our new school payment system, School Money,  have been sent to you last term. All parents were sent a password to enable an online login account. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the  system. School will use this system for payments such as music invoices, school trips and  after school clubs. Please continue to use the existing payment system , Live kitchen for school meal payments.


Sports For Schools – fundraising event 29th April

St Austin’s are excited to announce that top athlete, Antony Cotterill will be coming in to school to do some fundraising sports events on Friday 29th April. All children were given a sponsorship form  in preparation for Antony’s visit to school.  In addition to doing some sporting activities with all children, Antony will talk to the children about what has driven him to achieve his goals! We would very much appreciate your support in this fundraising event (please ensure your child only approaches family and friends that they know for sponsorship). All children should come to school in their PE kit this Friday.


Uniform Bank

Last term we held a uniform bank stall where parents could come along and choose free uniform items. As we are in the summer term , children may wear summer uniform so why not take advantage of our uniform bank; we still have many items available that are free to parents. If you would like any items, please email detailing the sizes and items required; staff will check what is available and respond once they are ready to collect. We are no longer accepting donations of smaller sized items but would gratefully receive any good quality  items in sizes age 10 and above.

Eid- ul- Fitr

As the Muslim religious celebration of Eid – ul- Fitr is due to occur next week, we understand that some families may wish their children to be absent from school for this religious observation. In line with recommendations from Wakefield Council, pupils may take up to two days’ authorised absence for religious observance at Eid-ul-Fitr and another day at Eid-ul-Adha ( 9th – 13th July). If your child is going to be absent, please ensure that you notify school of the number of days that they will be absent by emailing or by sending a message on Class Dojo to Contact School Office. Eid Mubarak to all our families celebrating.

Thank you!

Thank you to all families who donated cereal boxes for our Mini Vinnies Cereal Box Dominoes. We managed to fill a car with all your donations that went to our local foodbank.

Class Attendance Award

Class 5W were the last weeks attendance winners with 93.15%.

RG: 81.25%
RS: 54.61%
1K: 81.25%
1/2T: 92.50%
2B: 83.75%
3C: 89.17%
4C: 89.17%
5W: 93.15%
5/6B: 92.05%
6CD: 90.83%


School has recently received an unprecedented number of requests for absence for holidays and family visits abroad. School cannot authorise term time absence unless there are exceptional circumstances, as deemed by the Headteacher.  School will communicate unauthorised absences with the Education Welfare Service and families may be subject to a fixed penalty fine. We would urge parents to consider the impact of lost learning on your child’s education by taking your child out of school. Children have already missed valuable face to face education as a result of the pandemic.

Extra Curricular Achievements


Well done to Chloe (class RS) who achieved Poppet of the Week certificate ” at the Pauline Quirke Academy she attends, she was very excited to get a trophy and certificate!



We would love to celebrate your child’s out of school achievements, please send any information you would like to be celebrated to

Diary Dates

Friday 29th April – Paralympic athlete Antony Cotterill in school for Sports for Schools event
Monday 2nd May – Bank Holiday – school closed
Friday 20th May – Last day of term
Monday 6th June – Extended Bank Holiday for Queens Jubilee – school closed on this day
Tuesday 7th June – School reopens

Wakefield Families Together

Many families are facing increased difficulties with rising household costs as well as continuing to deal with the effects of living throughout a pandemic. The Wakefield Families together website offers some invaluable advice and links to community support networks. Use the link below to access some more information.

Help in the community

Community Anchors

Community anchors are independent services found in your local area which may help you manage your health and wellbeing. They are often located in your local community centres or church and provide a wide-range of opportunities to support and improve our wellbeing.

These could include clubs, classes, events, and meet-ups.

Sometimes you might be referred to a community anchor by your GP for non-medical support for problems like loneliness, depression, or anxiety, but this isn’t a requirement.

Help at the Hubs

Help at the Hubs is a new service developed in response to coronavirus to help you with things like jobs, money, and wellbeing. 

It’s free to access for residents in the Wakefield district and puts you in touch with a range of organisations who can help you.

COVID Update – Living with Covid

  • If you develop symptoms of a respiratory infection and have a temperature or feel unwell you should try to stay at home and avoid contact with others until you feel better and no longer have a temperature.
  • Children and young people who feel unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and avoid others. They can return to school when they no longer have a temperature and are well enough to attend.
  • Children who test positive for Covid-19 should try to stay at home and avoid others for 3 days
  • Regular asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended.



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