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 Headteacher: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 21st November 2022

Spiritual Reflection – Christ the King

On Sunday 20th November we celebrated the Solemnity of Christ the King. This was also the last Sunday in the Church Year and so our spiritual reflection this week consider the distinctive kingship of Christ.

Understanding the Feast of Christ the King may be particularly challenging. While we may not have a direct experience of kings or royalty, we have some sense of what these mean. We know that royalty have sovereignty over their kingdom. We know that those who are subjects to royalty offer them allegiance and honour. Christ is King in a way that is different from traditional understandings of royalty. Christ’s kingship extends to all places, all people, and all times. Christ manifests his kingship through his death on the Cross, in which he offers salvation to all.

Read the account from St. Luke’s Gospel Chapter 23 verses 35-43. In the Gospel we see Jesus, on the cross but reaching out to those around Him with love. Reflect together on how the various people in this Gospel respond to Jesus on the Cross. The two criminals hanging with Jesus were in the same situation but saw things very differently. One saw a humiliated man, the other saw a humble king

Imagine the leaden-grey sky and the hateful atmosphere on Calvary Hill. Despite the mocking and jeering, and the ironic crown of thorns on His head, Jesus knew His royal identity. As King, He could meet the need of another dying man for comfort and the promise of a better life in His Kingdom. Consider the cost involved in meeting the needs of others. Do you find this easy or hard to do?

In the Our Father prayer, a prayer many of us will have said countless times in our lives, the line, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,” is a request for things to be done God’s way, just like it takes place in heaven, so His Kingdom can be established in this place and time. Think about where have you seen selfless generosity or encountered loving humility?

War and violence do not belong in God’s Kingdom. As a family, take the time to pray for peace in places around the world where there is conflict.

God of peace,

Show us how to put away the weapons of war and help us destroy the tools of destruction.

God of peace, may your kingdom come.

God of peace,

Teach us to follow the ways of justice and walk with us the paths of truth.

God of peace, may your kingdom come.

God of peace,

Challenge the weapons of war, and banish hatred and division,

so that all your children may sleep secure.

God of peace, may your kingdom come. Amen

Upcoming Events in School

There are multiple events happening in school over the next few weeks. Please do take the time to check the Diary Dates section of the newsletter each week and to look out for  information that is shared on Class Dojo so that you are aware of what is happening in school and can appropriately book on to planned events.

Advent Crafts – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – Friday 2nd December – parents invited

Advent Crafts – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Monday 19th December – parents invited
Parents of children in the above year groups are invited to come into school to take part in a number of Advent Crafts activities with your child. We kindly request that all parents log onto your child’s School Money account and pay the £1 contribution towards the costs of the resources. This payment is requested from all parents, regardless if you are able to attend or not, as all children will still take part in this activity.

Nativity Performances.- please look out for a link on Class Dojo this week to be able to book your tickets online





Christmas Fair 9th December

DONATIONS NEEDED PLEASE – to make our Christmas Fair a success we really need your help! We would be very grateful to parents who are able to, who could donate for the fair. Items we are need of please:

  1. Used toys or teddies that are in good reusable condition for the toy stall and prizes.
  2. Chocolate – selection boxes, tins, tubs, figures, bars etc for the Chocolate tombola
  3. Bottles – wine, spirits, soft drinks, bubble baths, shower gels, hand soaps
  4. Cakes/ buns – for our refreshment stalls – please bring your donations on Thursday 8th December or by 9am Friday.
  5. Raffle prizes – perhaps you know someone or  a local business that could offer a prize for our raffle
  6. COME ALONG TO THE FAIR – attending the fair and taking part in the games, purchasing refreshments will hugely support our school. All children must accompanied by an adult at the fair.


Virtues Award

The following children have demonstrated in school that they are living by this virtue and have been recognised by their class teacher. Remember, parents of children who win the Virtue award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 25th November at 2.50pm

RG: Hasnain
RS: Myra
1K: Priscilla
1/2 T: Amelia M
2B: Liliana
3CD: Sebastian B
3/4 TA: Safa
4C: Dominik
5W: Anna
5/6 B: Haleema
6B: Lucy

Class Attendance Award

Classes  RG  were last weeks attendance winners  with 99.57%.

RS: 86.82%
1K: 90.69%
1/2T: 96.55%
2B: 94.33%
3CD: 96.33%
4C: 94.84%
5W: 94.19%
5/6B: 90.65%
6B: 89.36%



Headteacher Recognition Award

The following children have been chosen by their teacher to receive a personalised letter from our Headteacher, Mr Molyneux .

Remember, parents of children who win the Headteacher award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 25th November at 2.50pm

RG: Mila
RS: Aydin
1K: Skaiste
1/2 T: Aniya
2B: Evanah
3CD: Evaniya
3/ 4TA: Iqra
4C: Kailen
5W: Amina
5/6B: Daud
6B: Haris

Handwriting Award   

Our star handwriters for the last week were:

RG: Freya
RS: Ethan
1K: Evamaria
1/2 T: Arthur
2B: Catherine
3CD: Eva
3/4 TA: Aira
4C: Jakub
5W: Jacob
5/6B: Adaam
6B: Gracie-Mai

How we communicate in school with parents

St Austin’s School is a paperless school for parental communication. The main method of communication is via Class Dojo. This free app is useful for many reasons, it allows us to upload images, documents and links easily to parents. It is also helpful to parents as there is the option to reply and communicate directly with school as well. Information can be translated into additional languages via the app and also on our website, making accessing crucial information, easy for everyone. There will be whole school communication on Class Dojo as well as individual class messages and staff work hard to ensure that parents are provided with high quality information about your child’s learning journey, support and information. The weekly newsletter is available on the website each Monday. The benefits of digital communication are many; parents can easily refer back to information and links without having to search for a past paper copy.


Diary Dates

25th November – Years 5 and 6 Cineworld Trip
30th November – Installment payment due for Robinwood Year 6 Residential trip
1st December – Rock Steady Performance 14.45pm for parents of children who have Rock Steady Music Tuition in school only
2nd December– Advent Crafts – Reception, Years 1 and 2
7th December – Nativity performance Reception pm (entrance by ticket only)
8th December – Nativity Performance Reception am (entrance by ticket only)
8th December – Nativity Performance Years 1 and 2 pm (entrance by ticket only)
9th December – Nativity Performance Years 1 and 2 am (entrance by ticket only)
9th December – Christmas Jumper Day
9th December – Christmas Fair 3.30-5.30pm
9th December – Music tuition fees due by today
14th December – KS2 Carol Service (entrance by tickets only)
14th December – Christmas Lunch Day
16th December – Christmas parties (during the school day)
19th December – Advent Crafts – KS2
20th December – school closed for Christmas 3.15pm



The NSPCC provides support for parents with their ‘Talk Pants’ campaign – With the help of their friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus, Talk PANTS is a simple conversation to help keep your child safe from sexual abuse.

When’s the right time to talk PANTS?

  • bathtime, applying cream or when getting your child dressed
  • car journeys
  • when swimming and saying that what’s covered by swimwear is private
  • during a TV show that features a sensitive storyline
  • singing along to our PANTS song with Pantosaurus
  • reading our new PANTS storybook together.

Use this link for further guidance and a useful video to watch with your child

St Austin’s Safeguarding Team

A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL       Mrs Scott Deputy DSL

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