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 Headteacher: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 20th March 2023

Spiritual Reflection – The Fourth Sunday of Lent – Insight

The Gospel Reading – A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. John (Adapted from 9:1-38)

As Jesus went along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth.

Jesus spat on the ground, made a paste with the spittle, put this over the eyes of the blind man and said to him, “Go and wash in the Pool of Siloam (a name that means ‘sent’).”

So the blind man went off and washed himself, and came away with his sight restored. His neighbours and people who earlier had seen him begging said, “Isn’t this the man who used to sit and beg?”

Some said, “Yes, it is the same one.” Others said, “No, he only looks like him.”

The man himself said, “I am the man.” Some of the Pharisees did not believe that Jesus had healed him and they drove him away. Jesus heard about this and when he found the man he said to him, “Do you believe in the Son of Man?”

“Sir,” the man replied, “tell me who he is so that I may believe in him.”

Jesus said, “You are looking at him; he is speaking to you.”

The man said, “Lord, I believe,” and he worshipped Jesus.

The Reflection

In this Gospel passage of the healing of the blind beggar we see the various groups of people with varying perceptions. Jesus healing the man was classed, by the Pharisees, as working on the Sabbath. Some could only see that Jesus had broken a law, whilst others recognised that something profoundly good had taken place.

Perhaps an uncomfortable question for us all here… How willing are we to look beyond our initial thoughts and judgements to see the positive?

Two people witnessing the same event may at times have a different opinion about what happened and why. Consider your experience of managing a difference of opinion and point of view with someone in your own family, circle of friends or work colleagues.

How could listening to or considering a different perspective from your own enlighten your understanding of each other?

The blind beggar we read about in the Gospel passage had been criticized and sent away by the Pharisees, but Jesus took the time to go and find him again. Jesus honoured the man, not only by healing him, but acknowledging his dignity.

Take a moment to consider how you promote an ethos of understanding by honouring the dignity of one another.

Spiritual Action

You will need to set some time aside this week for this spiritual action.

Invite each member of your household to draw a timeline of his or her life. On the timelines, identify significant moments in your lives, especially your life of faith, for example: baptism, receiving the first sacraments, marriage etc.

Reflect upon who Jesus was to you at these significant moments. How has your relationship with Jesus changed or matured?

Pray together that your relationship with Jesus will continue to grow and develop, becoming ever deeper.


Book Fair – 21st and 22nd March

Scholastics book fair will be in school from 21st March for a few days. Parents will have the opportunity to come and buy books during Parents evening on 21st and 22nd March. Children will have the opportunity to look at the books during the school day. All purchases made would support school with extra books for school, so please do come along and inspire your child to read!




Parents Evening – 21st and 22nd March

Spring term parents evening will be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March. Bookings are now closed. Please ensure you arrive for the correct time for your appointment.

On 21st March, Alice Wood, our school affiliated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Support (CAMHS) worker, will have a stall in school for the duration of the parents evening. She will be available for parents to speak to should you require any guidance or advice on a number of issues, including mental health, sleep, managing emotions etc. She will leave resources and leaflets for parents who are attending parents evening on 22nd March.

Class Photographs

On Tuesday this week, Tempest Photographers will bein school to take whole class group photographs. Please ensure your child attends in full correct uniform, including a tie and a jumper/ cardigan. If your child usually has PE on a Tuesday, please ensure that for this Tuesday only, they come in full uniform and instead bring PE kits in a bag. Thank you

Virtues Award

The following children have demonstrated in school that they are living by this virtue and have been recognised by their class teacher. Remember, parents of children who win the Virtue award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 24th March at 2.50pm.

RG: Heleina
RS: Milek
1K: Matida
1/2T: Blanka
2B: Azaan
3CD: Raihana
3/4 TA: Aila
4C: Richard
5W: Jacob
5/6 B: Maja
6B: Elizabeth


Headteacher Recognition Award

The following children have been chosen by their teacher to receive a personalised letter from our Headteacher, Mr Molyneux .

 Remember, parents of children who win the Headteacher award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 24th March  at 2.50pm.

RG: Elena
RS: Aveline
1K: Viktorie
1/2 T: Aya
2B: Eduard
3CD:  Sebastian Bu
3/ 4TA: Thandi
4C: Maja TG
5W: Zuzanna
5/6B: Victoria
6B: Maja P


Handwriting Award   

Our star handwriters for the last week were:

RG: Amelia Grz
RS: Qirat
1K: Noah
1/2 T: Ryder
2B: Aayan
3CD: Sophie
3/4 TA: Lilly
4C: Eva
5W: Isabel
5/6B: Jasmine
6B: Lily

Class Attendance Award


Classes  6B were last weeks attendance winners  with 95.31%.

RG: 87.94%
RS: 91.61%
1K: 90.96%
1/2T: 93.19%
2B: 93.72%
3CD: 94.32%
4C: 93.72%
5W: 94.40%
5/6B: 94.19%


Late Arrival at School


Thank you to everyone who arrives on time every day at school.

Unfortunately, we have a growing number of families arriving late at school. We appreciate ‘one-offs’ and exceptional circumstances do mean that occasionally children may be late into school. However, we have a growing number of children who are persistently late.

Being late affects children negatively both socially and academically. It is really important that children arrive on time. It also means that staff time is taken up with ensuring children who are late get into school rather than focusing on teaching and learning which staff should be at this time.

School gates close at 8:50am every morning. Please ensure that you are inside the school gates by this time every day. Being on time creates positive, life long habits which are vitally important for children to develop.


Email us your child’s out of school achievements so we can celebrate their success on our newsletter. Email us on

Diary Dates
Tuesday 21st March – 24th March – Book Fair – parents can purchase books on 21st and 22nd March during parents evening.
Tuesday 21st March – Class Photographs to be taken
Tuesday 21st March – 3.45pm – 6.15pm -Spring Term Parents’ Evening (CAMHS representative available on this day)
Wednesday 22nd March – 4.15pm – 6.15pm – Spring Term Parents’ Evening
Tuesday 28th March – Year 3 Sports trip to St Wilfrid’s
Wednesday 5th April – school closed at 3.15pm for half term



Safeguarding in Sport

Just like with any activity a child participates in, their safety when participating in sport and leisure is a priority.

Supporting your child in sport can mean lots of different things, washing kits or being their personal cheerleader or taxi driver. But it also means making sure their sport is a safe place for them to enjoy.

Choosing a sports club should be similar to choosing a nursery place or school. You’ll need to think about whether you and your child feel comfortable there and that the right things are in place for them to attend.

It is important for parents and carers to check that any sports club, leisure centre or activity has all of the necessary safeguarding measures in place.

Any good club or activity should have certain things in place to make sure they’re taking care of children during sessions, practices and any away trips and competitions.

You should feel confident asking a club about any of the points below. Remember, you have a right to know these things and any good club will be happy to let you know what they have in place.

Please use the link below for further guidance on choosing a club and what questions to ask:

St Austin’s Safeguarding Team

A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                 Miss Workman Deputy DSL                                                                           Mrs Scott Deputy DSL               Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL

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