Newsletter 19th June 2023


 Headteacher: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 19th June 2023

Spiritual Reflection – Jesus sends the twelve apostles to proclaim the kingdom of heaven


The Gospel Reading – A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew (9: 36 – 10: 8)

When Jesus saw the crowds he felt sorry for them because they were harassed and dejected, like sheep without a shepherd. He said to his twelve disciples, “The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers to his harvest.” He then gave them authority over unclean spirits with power to cast them out and to cure all kinds of diseases and sickness. These are the names of the twelve apostles: Simon (who is called Peter), and his brother Andrew, James (the son of Zebedee) and his brother John, Philip and Bartholemew, Thomas and Matthew (the tax collector), James (the son of Alphaeus), and Thaddaeus, Simon (the Zealot) and Judas Iscariot (the one who was to later betray him).

These twelve Jesus sent out, instructing them as follows: “Go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And as you go, proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is close at hand. Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils. You received without charge, give without charge.”

The Reflection

Today’s Gospel tells us of Jesus sharing his mission to proclaim the kingdom of heaven with his apostles. The signs of the kingdom’s presence consist of the work that Jesus had already been doing; the sick are cured, lepers cleansed, demons are driven out, and the dead are raised to life. The disciples are sent to continue doing the work that Jesus had begun. Matthew refers to the twelve as ‘apostles.’ The word apostle means ‘one who is sent.’ They are sent by Jesus to proclaim the kingdom of heaven in word and deed.

Spiritual Action

As Jesus sent his disciples to continue his work and mission, we (the Church) are called to play our part too. The Church is his continuing presence on earth. Every member of the Church is sent by Jesus to contribute to this mission. Whether we have a sense of God being part of our daily routine or not, God never stops calling us. Being a Christian means that Christ is the driving force of our lives, and whatever role we have in life, be it parent, teacher, nurse, doctor, decorator etc, is the way God calls us to serve others and become more like him.



Summer Fair – Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made our Summer Fair a success. It was wonderful to see so many of you come along to enjoy the fair and to see our whole school community enjoying themselves.
Special thanks needs to be given to our hardworking PTA members who worked so hard both on the day and before preparing for the fair, our school cannot do these events without you. Many of them have cooked delicious foods for the fair, taken time off work to help, brought along their friends and family to help and stayed to tidy up. Thank you!

Thank you to Por Vida Tattoo for their donation of Star Prizes for Hook a Duck and to Alverthorpe Juniors Football Club for the loan of the target                                                                                  shooting football net.

Our World Foods Stall was incredible with so much support from parents, we had such an array of delicious foods provided and your efforts were                                                                                   outstanding, thank you.

The Summer Fair raised a staggering £1,770.00 profit for PTA funds!

This money will be used to directly benefit your children in school. We will let you know exactly how this is spent.

WINNERS – the winner of the Guess the Sweets in the Jar, with the closest guess  is Annie (Class 6B). The actual number of sweets was 529!
– the winner of the Guess the teacher from the baby photo with the most correct answers (7 out of 12) was Annie again in Class 6B. Please could the parent of Annie collect the                                   prizes from the School Office.


Frozen Fridays – PTA

Our PTA members will be continuing to help raise funds for school by holding Frozen Fridays each Friday at the end of the school day. There will be ice pops and ice creams for sale in the Key Stage 2 playground.
Ice pops – 30p each
Ice Cream £1.00 each






Sports Day – 10th July 

Sports Day will take place on Monday 10th July in our school grounds.

10.45am – 12pm – Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Races will begin at 11am on the Key Stage 1 playground for the above year groups only.

12pm – 1.15pm – Whole School Family Picnic

On the day ALL parents and carers will be invited to enjoy a whole school family picnic. Parents and carers will need to bring their own picnic. You can provide food for your child OR place an order with the kitchen for a picnic style lunch. It is essential you only place a pre order with the kitchen if you do not intend to attend or provide food for your child as the recent family picnic in school did result in an excessive waste of food prepared by the kitchen and not collected. Parents will be charged for meals ordered but not taken.

Due to the high numbers of parents that will be on site, for safety reasons, please could we kindly request that parents attending the morning session bring their picnics with them at 11am and not leave the site to then re-enter, thank you.

Children will continue with a normal school timetable in the afternoon to allow parents to either return to work or stay to watch their children in Key Stage 2. It will not be possible to take your child home after the picnic on this day.

1.30pm – 2.45pm – Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Sporting activities will begin at 1.30pm in the KS2 playgrounds for the above year groups only. Activities will end at approximately 2.45pm. Children will return to classes briefly to collect their belongings and then will be dismissed by their class teacher from their class line in the playground as usual.


If your child will be absent from school for religious observance for the upcoming Eid celebrations at the end of the month, please ensure that you send a dojo message to the Contact Office or ring the absence line to leave a message. In line with guidance from the Trust, school will authorise a maximum of ONE day, additional letter to follow on Class Dojo this week. It is imperative that school receive notification from a parent regarding absence. School cannot assume that your child will be absent for this for safeguarding purposes we must be notified please.

Safety Information for Pupils

This week in school we will have visitors from RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) who will speak to the children about water safety, beach flags signs and what to do in an emergency as well as  the wider work of the RNLI and how they support of coastlines. The Ambulance Service are also due to come into school this week to teach our Year 6 pupils basic first aid and CPR.
As part of transition to High School work with our Year 6 pupils, we have also invited the a Road Safety Officer from the local authority to come into school in early July.


Disco – PTA end of year disco

There will be a PTA school disco on Tuesday 18th July 3.15 – 4.30pm. There will be two discos running at the same time, one for children in Foundation Stage, Years 1 and 2 and another for children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  For children in Foundation, years 1 and 2, it is necessary for parents to stay with their child for the duration of the disco. Children in KS2 do NOT need to be accompanied by a parent. Please visit to book and pay the £1.00 entrance fee for  your child’s ticket if you would like them to attend.


Virtues Award

The following children have demonstrated in school that they are living by this virtue and have been recognised by their class teacher (for week commencing 5th June). Parents of children who win the virtue award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 23rd June at 2.50pm.

RG: Amelia Go
RS: Aydin
1K: Jacob H
1/2T: Malachi
2B: Marcel
3CD: Zofia
3/4 TA: Wren
4C: Jewel L
5S: Ethan
5/6 B: Anton
6B: Laura


Headteacher Recognition Award

The following children have been chosen by their teacher to receive a personalised letter from our Headteacher, Mr Molyneux (for week commencing 5th June).

 Parents of children who win the Headteacher award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 23rd June at 2.50pm.

RG: Iza
RS: Ethan
1K: Piotr
1/2 T: Amelia M
2B: Nadia K
3CD:  Michal W
3/ 4TA: Sahib
4C: Preston
5S: Heizel
5/6B: Julia S
6B: Elizabeth

Handwriting Award   

Our star handwriters for the last week were:

RG: Oliver
RS: Rosie
1K: Skaiste
1/2 T: Hashim
2B: Alyaan S
3CD: Haiza
3/4 TA: Ali
4C: Tomasz
5S: Ahren
5/6B: Scarlet
6B: Megan

Class Attendance Award


Class 6B were the last weeks attendance winners  with 95.62%. This class will get to spin the wheel.

RG: 89.19%
RS: 92.21%
1K: 91.49%
1/2T: 93.94%
2B: 94.31%
3CD: 95.02%
4C: 94.47%
5S: 94.70%
5/6B: 95.11%


Email us your child’s out of school achievements so we can celebrate their success on our newsletter. Email us on

We have received the following message from the parents of  Daniela (6B) . She is determined to serve God and humanity. Always at the church  altar every Sunday to assist the priest in celebrating mass. Now after one full year of serving mass on the altar she was  awarded the induction medal. Well done!

Diary Dates

Wednesday 21st June – BKCAT Rounders competition for 10 Year 5 & 6 pupils
Monday 26th June – Y5 Taster Day at St. Thomas a Becket High School – ALL Y5’s
Monday 26th June  & Monday 3rd July – Outwood Grange Academy Transition Day
Tuesday 27th June – BKCAT Football Competition for 10 Year 5 and 6 pupils
Monday 3rd – Friday 7th July – Transition week for current Year 6 pupils to St Thomas a Beckets High School
Tuesday 4th July – Trinity Academy Transition Day
Thursday 6th & Friday 7th July – Kettlethorpe High School Transition Day
Monday 10th July – 10.45 -12pm Foundation Stage Sports Day 12- 1.15pm Family Picnic 1.30-2.45pm KS2 Sports Day
Tuesday 11th July – Outwood City Fields Transition Day
Tuesday 11th July – Ukulele Concert (Year 3 parents invited) 2.30pm
Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th July – Year 6 Residential Trip to Robinwood
Thursday 13th July – Diocesan Singing and Melodica Concert (for parents) – more information to follow on dojo
Monday 17th July – New Reception Sept 23 Stay and Play
Monday 17th July – Celebration Evening 4.00 – 5.30pm
Tuesday 18th July – PTA Disco 3.15pm – 4.30pm – see Dojo in coming days for more information
Wednesday 19th July – Year 6 Leavers Assembly 2.15pm Parents invited
Thursday 20th July – End of year mass and presentation of leavers certificates 10am ST Austin’s Church. Year 6 parents invited
Friday 21st July – school closes 3.15pm




10 tips for keeping children safe on holiday

The Post Office have produced some guidance for families for keeping children safe abroad.

  1. Give everyone a set of contact details

    Write down the address of where you’re staying, your own contact number, and the phone number of the hotel – then put it safe in a zip pocket on each child’s clothing.For older children with mobiles, make sure they have the address saved on their phones too – just in case. But don’t just rely on phones, as these can easily get lost (as you’ve probably found out already).A lot of websites sell ID bracelets – you can just slip a piece of paper inside a window containing all your contact details.

  2. Arrange a meeting point if you get separated

    Whenever you’re in a large, crowded area you should pick a landmark for the family to meet at if anyone gets lost. Pick something large, distinctive, and easy to find.

  3. Give them instructions if they get lost

    Make sure they know what to do if they get lost and can’t find you. Explain that if they can’t find you, they should find either a staff member, a policeman, or a mummy or daddy who has other little girls and boys with them. It’s best to do this at home before the holiday starts – it’s a lot to take in, especially during all the excitement that comes with a family holiday.

  4. Research the area

    Do your own first-hand research of what to watch out for in the area you’re visiting – whether it’s online before you go, or having a quick chat with the hotel staff when you arrive. You’ll soon find out about any potential risks – whether it’s bugs, stray animals or strong tides. Check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for any travel updates on your destination.

  5. Slap on the sun cream

    Kids may groan about it, but they need to be covered up. That means high-factor sun cream – at least factor 50 – applied regularly. Toddlers should wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the delicate skin around their head and neck, while babies should always be kept to the shade. And don’t forget – you need some too.

  6. Watch out for the water

    Even if your child is a strong swimmer, don’t let young children swim unattended. And if your little one isn’t a born swimmer, make sure they have arm bands or another flotation device. Pick a pool that’s fenced, with locking gates – then they can’t wander off. And find out if there’s a lifeguard on duty. On the beach, ask a lifeguard which area is safe to swim – and if there are any tides or currents to watch out for.

  7. Pack a basic first aid kit

    As well as a basic first aid kit, bring medicine in case anyone gets poorly – Calpol and electrolyte solution will help if any little ones get an upset stomach.

  8. Make staff aware of allergies

    If your child has any allergies, make sure hotel staff are aware – look up phrases to explain your child’s allergy before you go to help avoid any language barriers. If they have a severe allergy, consider a medic alert bracelet. Make sure you have any emergency medication on hand – whether it’s an epi-pen, inhaler or steroids.

  9. Check the room

    When you arrive at the hotel, give your room a quick once-over – make sure little bodies can’t squeeze through any balcony railings and that fire escapes are working and accessible.

  10. Order a Global Health Insurance Card

    A Ghic is a Global Health Insurance Card.If you’re a British citizen visiting an EU country, the card entitles you to free or discounted medical treatment when you’re in an EU country. It’s not the same as travel insurance, but it’s coverage that’s worth having.Everyone in your family needs a Ghic card – if they’re under 16, you can add their application to yours and they’ll receive their own card. There’s no lower age limit to Ghics, so make sure the whole family has one.


A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                 Miss Workman Deputy DSL                                                                           Mrs Scott Deputy DSL               Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL



      Why was the baby strawberry crying?

Because its parents were in a jam!                          Mr Laurie


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