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Executive Headteacher: Mr. R. Barraclough Head of School: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 18th July 2022

 Spiritual Reflection – Jesus visits the house of Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42)

The Gospel reading for this week is the story of Jesus visiting the house of Martha and Mary. The story complements the story of the Good Samaritan, which we heard last week. The story of the Samaritan opens with the words “a certain man.” This week’s reading opens with the words “a certain woman.” The Samaritan is an example of how a disciple should see and act. Mary is an example of how a disciple should listen. Mary, a woman, is a marginalised person in society, like the Samaritan. Both do what is not expected of them. As a woman, Mary would be expected, like Martha, to prepare hospitality for a guest. Here again Jesus breaks with the social conventions of his time. Just as a Samaritan would not be a model for neighbourliness, so a woman would not sit with the men around the feet of a teacher.


Both stories exemplify how a disciple is to fulfill the dual command—love of God (Mary) and love of neighbour (the Samaritan). These are the two essentials of life in the kingdom. By using the examples of a Samaritan and a woman, however, Jesus is saying something more. Social codes and boundaries were strict in Jesus’ time. Yet to love God with all one’s heart and one’s neighbour requires breaking those rules. The Kingdom of God is a society without distinctions and boundaries between its members. It is a society that requires times for seeing and doing and also times for listening and learning at the feet of a teacher.


O God, heavenly Father,

your Son Jesus Christ enjoyed rest and refreshment in the home of Mary and Martha of Bethany:

Give us the will to love you, open our hearts to hear you,

and strengthen our hands to serve you in others for his sake;

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.



Thank You!

We would like to thank all our families for your support for school this academic year. It has been the first year in a few years that we have seen the return to a more ‘normal’ school life with some school performances, assemblies and of course sports day. We look forward to more and more events and activities being able to go ahead next academic year. Your support at our recent fundraising events has been amazing too. Our PTA have raised a total of £1304.25 this academic year in just a few events, such as the disco’s and Queens Jubilee event. We plan to spend the funds in school for extra resources such as complementing our library books and also student rewards. Next academic year we plan to have a full events calendar and need your continued support please. Remember, we always need more parents for our PTA if you can spare any time this would be greatly appreciated.

The Sports for Schools sponsored event with Paralympian Antony Cotterill raised over £2500! This means that school will receive a significant value voucher to spend on sports equipment. Thank you.

School Uniform for next academic year

We know that many families will be purchasing new pieces of school uniform the next academic year. Please could we ask all parents adhere strictly to the uniform policy. We do see children wearing items of clothing that are not part of the uniform, such as white polo shirts instead of white collared cottoned shirts; grey or black skirts instead of green. PE kits do seem to vary alot and this is a forewarning that for the next academic year parents will be notified where the uniform is incorrect. PE kit in particular is problematic and parents are reminded that the correct PE kit is black plain (no logos or other colours) shorts or jogging bottoms/ leggings with a plain white polo shirt (no other colours or logos), black hooded zip up jacket. These items do not need the St Austin’s logo and can be purchased from supermarkets for a very low price. Parents are reminded that children should not wear jewelry to school.

School Calendar for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Autumn Term 2022

Inset Day: Monday 5th September
Open: Tuesday 6th September  Close: Thursday 20th October

Inset Day: Friday 21st October
Open: Monday 31st October    Close: Tuesday 20th December

Spring Term 2023
Open: Wednesday 4th January  Close: Friday 10th February

Open: Monday 20th February Close: Wednesday 5th April

Summer Term 2023

Open: Monday 24th April   Bank Holiday: Monday 1st May Close: Friday 26th May

Open: Monday 5th June  Close: Friday 21st July

Inset Day: Monday 24th July   Inset Day: Tuesday 25th July

Farewell and Good Luck!

At the end of this week we will be saying goodbye to our fantastic Y6 children as their time at St. Austin’s reaches its conclusion. We have watched them grow into the fine young people they have become through a combined effort between school and home. We wish them good luck in their new High Schools and hope they will enjoy the experiences that lie ahead.
We will also be saying farewell to four members of staff. Mr Barraclough will be leaving St. Austin’s to take up the role of Director of Primary Standards within the Trust. We thank him for all he has brought to St. Austin’s over the last two years and the many new initiatives he has instigated, especially the introduction of the Google Chromebooks for every child in KS2. We will still see him from time to time when he is visiting St. Austin’s as part of his Primary Standards role.
We also say Goodbye and Thank You to Mrs James who has worked as a supply teacher in school since the end of December. She has become much more than just a supply teacher and has wholeheartedly committed herself to the role of class teacher for Y3C during the Spring and Summer terms.
Mr Kinder, our Sports Coach is also leaving us at the end of the week to take up a new role over in Lancashire. Although Mr Kinder has only been with us for a short period of time, he has had quite an impact on PE lessons, lunchtime sport activities and after school clubs. He will be greatly missed but we wish him well in his new role.
Finally, we say goodbye to Miss Mallet who has worked as a one-to-one support assistant in KS1.
From all the staff – teachers and teaching assistants – we thank you for your partnership, friendship and support throughout the year. We wish all families a happy and safe summer holiday and look forward to welcoming you back again on the 6th September.


Remember – there is no need to pay for Class Dojo!

Dojo is a free app and we would like ALL parents to engage and use this platform. There is the option to pay to upgrade and have additional features such as parental rewards, however, it is NOT necessary to pay for the upgrade for school ue.


Class Attendance Award


Class 3C and 3/4MT  were the last weeks attendance winners  with 94.84%.

RG: 82.86%
RS: 88.57%
1K: 91.00%
1/2T: 88.67%
2B: 92.00%
3C: 94.84%
4C: 88.00%
5W: 92.14%
5/6B: 88.71%
6CD: 89.31%



School Milk

Next academic year we will be moving suppliers to our new provider ‘Cool Milk’. If you wish for your child to have a daily milk carton please register and pay online at

If your child is entitled to income related free school meals then your child is entitled to free milk.


Extra Curricular Achievements


Phoebe from 2B has finally conquered her fears and has skied down the main slope- which is over 150 metres long- all by herself! Well done Phoebe.







Marcel (class 1K) has received a Graduation certificate for his achievements in karate. Well Done Marcel.








We would love to celebrate your child’s extra curricular achievements in our weekly newsletter. Please email any photos or information of rewards you would like us to share at


Diary Dates

Wednesday 20th July – Y6 Leavers Mass/ End of Year Mass for Whole School at St Austin’s Church 10am – Year 6 parents invited
Wednesday 20th July – Y6 Leavers Assembly in school 2.30pm – Year 6 parents invited
Thursday 21st July – Year 6 Leavers disco 3.30 -4.45pm
Friday 22nd July – last day of term – school closes 3.25pm


Advice to parents  when choosing a holiday club


As the long summer break is almost here, many families may be looking to holiday clubs for childcare arrangements. Below is some advice to parents on how to choose a suitable holiday club for your child.

  1. Are they Ofsted registered? Whether this is on the voluntary or compulsory register; if a club is registered with Ofsted this demonstrates that they have a commitment to standards in childcare and safeguarding.
  2. Who will be leading the holiday club? – Providing high quality, engaging activities certainly requires a team of experienced and dedicated staff. Are the staff experienced and qualified?
  3. What will the children be doing at the club? – ensure the club offers variety and is targeted at your childs age and ability, that they can make friends with children similar to their own age and that they are having an enjoyable time and have a desire to return.
  4. Is there an opportunity for outdoor learning? This is essential for their wellbeing, especially during the summer months.
  5. Are they recommended by other families? It is always a good idea to find out about the provider before you make the decision to book. Good providers will make their reviews and recommendations readily available. Many providers will have a reviews system where parents can easily leave comments on a service they have received. Talk to other families that use the service, and be sure to check Facebook, Twitter and websites like Trustpilot before booking.


St Austin’s Safeguarding Team

A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL       Mrs Scott Deputy DSL

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