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 Headteacher: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 14th November 2022

 Spiritual Reflection: Faithfulness in uncertain times

We are approaching the end of the Church’s year now. Next week, we will celebrate the great feast of Christ the King and bring to a close the Church’s Year during which we have read and reflected on the Gospel of St. Luke.

The Gospel readings towards the end of the Liturgical year can seem unsettling. In the Gospel reading heard in church on Sunday, Jesus was telling people in the Temple that ‘the time will come when not a single stone will be left on another; everything will be destroyed.’ When we hear statements like this, we can understand why those present at the time asked Jesus when this would happen and what sign there might be that this was about to take place. No doubt they became more unsettled when Jesus went on to talk about nations fighting against each other, earthquakes, plagues, famines, fearful sights and great signs from heaven.

Proclamations such as this remind us all that things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. Jesus says, ‘Do not be frightened… endurance will win you your lives.’

Children, while innocently naïve about most world events, are also profoundly sensitive to the concerns felt by adults. We can help children interpret adult concerns by sharing information about current events in appropriate ways. We can also put these concerns in the light of God’s kingdom and the assurance of God’s care for us.

This week, try to take the time to discuss with your children one or more current events or a situation in your family which shows difficulties that may challenge our trust in a God who cares for us. Jesus said that even when his disciples are persecuted, God would be with them.

Together, talk about ways in which God might bring good out of the difficult events you discussed. Talk together about some actions you might take as a family to make better the situations you discussed. Conclude by praying for the needs of the people involved in the events you named. In prayer, place each of these difficult situations into God’s hands.


Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive and it shall be given to you, says the Lord.


Children in Need – Friday 18th November

To support this year’s Children in Need fundraising, we will be having a non uniform day this Friday 18th November. We are suggesting that each child brings a £1 donation on the day  for this worthy cause please.


PTA Disco

Our PTA have arranged a school disco on Friday 18th November 3.15- 4.30pm There will be a disco for children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 in the KS1 hall and then a separate disco in KS2 hall for children in Years 3 to 6. There is a limit on the number of places, so if you would like your child to attend please log on to your School Money parent account by visiting and paying the £1 disco admission and providing consent for your child to attend.

Parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are required to attend the disco with their child. Only children who have provided online permission and paid the entrance fee via the School Money account will be able to stay for the disco.
The PTA will have a variety of refreshments on sale that children can purchase. A price list detailing the items will be sent via Dojo closer to the time.



Christmas Fair 9th December

DONATIONS NEEDED PLEASE – to make our Christmas Fair a success we really need your help! We would be very grateful to parents who are able to, who could donate for the fair. Items we are need of please:

  1. Used toys or teddies that are in good reusable condition for the toy stall and teddy tombola
  2. Chocolate – selection boxes, tins, tubs, figures, bars etc for the Chocolate tombola
  3. Bottles – wine, spirits, soft drinks, bubble baths, shower gels, hand soaps
  4. Cakes/ buns – for our refreshment stalls – please bring your donations on Thursday 8th December or by 9am Friday.
  5. Raffle prizes – perhaps you know someone or  a local business that could offer a prize for our raffle
  6. COME ALONG TO THE FAIR – attending the fair and taking part in the games, purchasing refreshments will hugely support our school.


Virtues Award

The following children have demonstrated in school that they are living by this virtue and have been recognised by their class teacher. Remember, parents of children who win the Virtue award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 18th November at 2.50pm

RG: Jakub
RS: Jandrei
1K: Hanna J
1/2 T: Brooke
2B: Oluwabukunmi
3CD: Nikita
3/4 TA: Thandi
4C: Amelia G
5W: Heizel
5/6 B: Amelia B
6B: Risa

Class Attendance Award

Classes  3CD  were last weeks attendance winners  with 98.33%.

RS: 93.18%
1K: 94.43%
1/2T: 95.91%
2B: 95.56%
3CD: 98.33%
4C: 96.77%
5W: 81.18%
5/6B: 93.28%
6B: 96.50%



Headteacher Recognition Award

The following children have been chosen by their teacher to receive a personalised letter from our Headteacher, Mr Molyneux .

Remember, parents of children who win the Headteacher award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 18th November at 2.50pm

RG: Aiza
RS: Max
1K: Ernest
1/2 T: Ryder
2B: Ayaan
3CD: Sara
3/ 4TA: Florence
4C: Jagoda
5W: Isabel
5/6B: Maja
6B: Malachy

Handwriting Award   

Our star handwriters for the last week were:

RG: Francis
RS: Reggie
1K: Evamarie
1/2 T: Nicolas
2B: Lavanya
3CD: Nicola
3/4 TA: Fabian
4C: Preston
5W: Melissa
5/6B: Deona
6B: Zahra

Diary Dates

18th November – Children in Need Non Uniform Day (£1 donation to Charity)
18th November – PTA disco 3.15 -4.30pm (£1 admission – payable via School Money only)
25th November – Years 5 and 6 Cineworld Trip
30th November – Installment payment due for Robinwood Year 6 Residential trip
2nd December– Advent Crafts – Reception, Years 1 and 2
7th December – Nativity performance Reception pm (entrance by ticket only)
8th December – Nativity Performance Reception am (entrance by ticket only)
8th December – Nativity Performance Years 1 and 2 pm (entrance by ticket only)
9th December – Nativity Performance Years 1 and 2 am (entrance by ticket only)
9th December – Christmas Jumper Day
9th December – Christmas Fair 3.30-5.30pm
9th December – Music tuition fees due by today
14th December – KS2 Carol Service (entrance by tickets only)
16th December – Christmas parties (during the school day)
19th December – Advent Crafts – KS2
20th December – school closed for Christmas 3.15pm

St. Austin’s School Open Day (for UFS parents 2023-2024) 

Please can we ask parents to let friends and family with children who are due to start school in September 2023 that we are holding our Open Day on Thursday 17th November. Tours will take place at 9.30am, 2.00pm and 4.00pm. We ask that they contact our school office via email at to book their preferred time slot.  Parents can apply for a school place from 1st November.



Roblox is a massively popular game with children and younger teens and it has recently come under a lot of criticism in relation to apparent financial exploitation, inappropriate content and grooming amongst others. The BBC radio programme File on 4 recently carried out an investigation and series of interviews. You can still listen to this part of the programme HERE and what you hear may shock some, a highly recommended listen for DSL’s and Online Safety Leads.

In relation to Roblox, please see this guide to Roblox for parents HERE.

Interestingly lots of the games within Roblox advertise their Discord server. Children join these servers and talk with other unknown persons, meaning this is a high contact-based risk. If you don’t know what Discord is, it is a social media app which is extremely popular, particularly during and post-lockdown. You can find more information about Discord HERE.



St Austin’s Safeguarding Team

A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL       Mrs Scott Deputy DSL

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