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 Headteacher: Mr. J. Molyneux

Monday 13th March 2023

Spiritual Reflection – The Third Sunday of Lent – Jesus, the living water

The Gospel Reading – A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. John

Jesus came to the Samaritan town called Sychar. Tired by the journey, he sat straight down by the well. It was about the sixth hour. When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.” His disciples had gone into the town to buy food. The Samaritan woman said to Him, “What? You are a Jew and you ask me, a Samaritan, for a drink?” – Jews, in fact, do not associate with Samaritans. Jesus replied: “If you only knew what God is offering and who it is that is saying to you: ‘Give me a drink’, you would have been the one to ask, and He would have given you living water.”

“You have no bucket, sir,” she answered, “and the well is deep: how could you get this living water?” Jesus replied: “Whoever drinks this water will get thirsty again; but anyone who drinks the water that I shall give will never be thirsty again: the water that I shall give will turn into a spring inside him, welling up to eternal life.” “Sir,” said the woman, “give me some of that water, so that I may never get thirsty and never have to come here again to draw water. “I know that Messiah – that is, Christ – is coming; and when He comes He will tell us everything.”

“I who am speaking to you,” said Jesus, “I am He.”

Many Samaritans of that town had believed in Him on the strength of the woman’s testimony when she said, “He told me all I have ever done”, so, when the Samaritans came up to Him, they begged Him to stay with them. He stayed for two days, and when He spoke to them many more came to believe; and they said to the woman, “Now we no longer believe because of what you told us; we have heard Him ourselves and we know that He really is the saviour of the world.”

The Reflection

This week’s Gospel passage brings us up another mountain to an encounter with God. In this story, it is a Samaritan woman who comes face to face with Jesus. Jesus plays on the physical need for water to explore spiritual thirst. Take a moment to consider the spiritual things the woman was thirsting for. The Samaritan woman said of Jesus, “He told me all I have ever done”. Jesus’ acceptance of the woman for who she was took away any feelings of shame or humiliation. Keeping positive and showing acceptance of others can help to remove feelings of regret or grievance. When Jesus told the woman all she had ever done, He told her the truth. Worshipping God in spirit and truth demands that a person comes to Him without pretence and with every part of who they are: mind, body and spirit. This can be best summed up in the word ‘integrity’: not that we’re perfect, but simply honest.

Spiritual Action

Think for a moment about how you can show openness and acceptance to those close to you.

As the Samaritan woman was converted and sent on a mission because of the conversation about water, we too are converted and sent by our Baptism to preach the good news of Jesus to others.

Take this opportunity to reflect upon the importance of Baptism with your family. Pray a prayer of blessing for each member of the family that God will help each one live the promises of his or her Baptism.


Book Fair – 21st and 22nd March

Scholastics book fair will be in school from 21st March for a few days. Parents will have the opportunity to come and buy books during Parents evening on 21st and 22nd March. Children will have the opportunity to look at the books during the school day. All purchases made would support school with extra books for school, so please do come along and inspire your child to read!



Bun Sale – Friday 17th March

Following on from last academic years bun sale, we would like to hold another fundraising bun sale event in school on Friday 17th March. We would like to kindly request donations of buns, cookies, tray bakes, donuts and other sweet treats to be brought into school between Thursday 16th and no later than 9am Friday 17th March. Children will then have the opportunity on Friday to purchase these items for 50p each. Please ensure all donations are nut free. All funds raised will go towards enrichments for the children. Your support and contributions to our fundraising events are always greatly appreciated.


Parents Evening – 21st and 22nd March

Spring term parents evening will be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March. The booking is now open. It is expected that all children are represented at parents evening.

On 21st March, Alice Wood, our school affiliated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Support (CAMHS) worker, will have a stall in school for the duration of the parents evening. She will be available for parents to speak to should you require any guidance or advice on a number of issues, including mental health, sleep, managing emotions etc. She will leave resources and leaflets for parents who are attending parents evening on 22nd March.

NEU Teacher’s Strike – 15th & 16th March

You will be aware from media coverage and previous correspondence sent through school that the NEU Teaching Union, of which some of our teaching staff are members, have declared strike action and intends to call upon its members to take part in industrial action consisting of strike action on 15th and 16th March 2023. The strike is happening because of a national dispute between the unions and the government and not because of any issues at our school.

We are working with our staff union representatives to keep up to date with the situation, and I will inform you of the final arrangements as soon as I possibly can, though I must point out that union members reserve the right not to share their decision until the day of any planned industrial action. This means that I may not be able to share information with you until 7am on the day. By 7.30am we will be able to update parents via Class Dojo whether or not your child’s day is affected by strike action.

I am sorry about the potential disruption to you and to your child’s education. I understand that this situation may be frustrating, and ask that all members of our school community continue to treat each other with respect. St. Austin’s remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our pupils and delivering high-quality teaching.



Book Cover Competition Winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Book Cover competition. Mr Molyneux and Mrs Kendrew have had great difficulty choosing the winners due to the overall high standard of entries! The winners are:

Reception – Jandrei
Years 1 and 2 – Jessica and Nikodem
Years 3 and 4 – Jagoda and Sara
Years 5 and 6 – Lily and Johan.

Winners will be presented with a certificate and a £5 book gift voucher, that can be redeemed at the upcoming school book fair. Well done winners!


School Council Visit to the Mayor of Wakefield.

Our school council visited the Town Hall this morning to meet with the Mayor of Wakefield in his parlour. This was timed for Commonwealth Day 2023 which is today. The Mayor spent over an hour with the children talking about his role and answering their questions. The children then took part in a flag raising ceremony for Commonwealth Day outside the Town Hall. They are excellent representatives for the school community and should be very proud.

Virtues Award

The following children have demonstrated in school that they are living by this virtue and have been recognised by their class teacher. Remember, parents of children who win the Virtue award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 17th March at 2.50pm.

RG: David
RS: Joshua
1K: Nathan
1/2 T: Bobby
2B: Ralph
3CD: Julia
3/4 TA: Mateusz
4C: Dorian
5W: Aridona
5/6 B: Daud
6B: Oliver


Headteacher Recognition Award

The following children have been chosen by their teacher to receive a personalised letter from our Headteacher, Mr Molyneux .

 Remember, parents of children who win the Headteacher award are invited into school to watch the Celebration Assembly on Friday 17th March  at 2.50pm.

RG: Hasnain
RS: Myra
1K: Dominika
1/2 T: Wobase
2B: Sophie
3CD:  Joshua- Lee
3/ 4TA: Natan
4C: Daanish
5W: Joshua
5/6B: Hasan- Ali
6B: Malachy


Handwriting Award   

Our star handwriters for the last week were:

RG: Arthur
RS: Harry
1K: Anaya
1/2 T: Marryhelen
2B: Emmeline
3CD: Nicola B
3/4 TA: Ali
4C: Marika
5W: Zuzanna
5/6B: Julia
6B: Elna

Class Attendance Award


Classes  4C were last weeks attendance winners  with 94.19%.

RG: 87.39%
RS: 88.57%
1K: 93.10%
1/2T: 86.33%
2B: 88.33%
3CD: 91.00%
4C: 94.19%
5W: 89.97%
5/6B: 90.97%
6B: 89.03%


Out of School Achievements

Jasmine, class 5/6B, competed in her first gymnastics competition at the NDP competition at Barnsley on 3rd March. Well done Jasmine!
Rosie,  class RS, has achieved her level 1 learn to swim certificate at her swim class this week. Well done Rosie!
Email us your child’s out of school achievements so we can celebrate their success on our newsletter. Email us on

Diary Dates

Friday 17th March – Mother’s Day Bun Sale
Tuesday 21st March – 24th March – Book Fair – parents can purchase books on 21st and 22nd March during parents evening.
Tuesday 21st March – Class Photographs to be taken
Tuesday 21st March – 3.45pm – 6.15pm -Spring Term Parents’ Evening (CAMHS representative available on this day)
Wednesday 22nd March – 4.15pm – 6.15pm – Spring Term Parents’ Evening
Wednesday 5th April – school closed at 3.15pm for half term



Help at the Hubs

Help at the Hub is free to access for all residents in the Wakefield district and can put you in touch with a range of organisations who can offer impartial help and advice to anyone worried about money, jobs, housing or health.

Our friendly advisers will:

  • always be happy to talk to you, however big or small the problem might be.
  • never judge or make you feel bad about your situation.

They can look at your situation and check whether you are able to claim additional help or take steps to improve things. A Hub adviser can also refer you to a qualified debt adviser to find ways to manage debts even if you need debt advice.

For more information and to find your local Help at the Hub visit the webpage here.

St Austin’s Safeguarding Team

A reminder of who is a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in our school. If you are concerned about a child you should discuss this with a member of the Safeguarding team.

Mr Molyneux -DSL Lead                        Mr Senior Deputy DSL                 Miss Workman Deputy DSL                                                                           Mrs Scott Deputy DSL               Mr Laurie – Deputy DSL

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