LOCKDOWN DRILL – Updated Guidance for all staff (December 2022)

The following message will be relayed via the radios:

Message to all staff – CLOSE

The Lockdown alarm will then sound. 

If you are inside the building at this point, please close all windows, doors and blinds and ask the children to stay seated at their tables in silence. If you have a door stop (not including the ones fitted to some doors) please wedge this under the inside of your classroom door.  Please keep your radio on and await further instruction.

If you are working with an intervention group/split class, please follow these instructions:

  • Please make sure you have either a radio (preferable) or your mobile phone with you.
  • If working in the KS2 Hall please move to the Y4C classroom
  • If working in the KS2 Library, please move to the Y3/4MT classroom
  • If working outside the Y3CD classroom, please move into the Y3CD classroom
  • If working in the Shared Space, please remain there 
  • If working in the Spare Classroom in UKS2, please remain there
  • If working in a Wetbay, please return to the classroom
  • If working in the Science Room, please move into the Conference Room via the internal door.
  • If working in the Conference Room, please remain there
  • If working in the KS1 Library, please remain there
  • If working in the UFS Dining Hall, please remain there.

If you are outside (PE lesson, 1K, outdoor learning) at this point, please make your way quickly but calmly back into the building using the nearest available route. It must be made clear to the children that they should go straight to class. Once back in the classroom, ask the children to sit in silence at their tables. Close all windows, doors and blinds.

After one minute the alarm will be silenced.

After two minutes the following message will be relayed:

Message to all staff – OUT OF SIGHT

Children should be instructed to move under the tables. Adults should move to a place that is out of sight from any windows or doors (as far as is possible) but still in sight of the children.

After a further minute, the office staff will then begin to call each class in order, beginning with 0G.


Example 1:

Office: Class 0G – all present?

Adult in Class 0G: Yes, all present, 20 children, myself (class teacher) and give the names of any other adults present in the room).

Office: Thank you.

Example 2:

Office: Class 3CD – all present?

Adult in Class 3CD: Yes, all present, 29 children from Y3CD, 2 children from Y4C, 2 children from Y3/4MT, myself (class teacher) and then give the names of any other adults present in the room).

Office: Please confirm the initials of the additional children with you.

Adult in Class: AB, CD, EF and GH.

Office: Thank you.

Once this has been completed for all classes, the following message will be relayed.

All clear. After this, please continue with your morning as planned.

Thank you for your support with this. Feedback after the drill to any member of the Safeguarding and Pastoral Team will be welcomed.