Statement for PE, Sport, Healthy Lifestyles and Attainment

The Sports Premium Fund and the London Olympic Games legacy, led to our first Olympic Sports week and marked the start of this journey towards greater health and happiness. The whole week was planned for at a BKCAT PE Leader level, where all ten schools within our trust completed an exciting week of activities for all children. These activities included our own trust Olympic torch that travelled between each school. We provided an opportunity for all children to witness the ‘real’ Olympic torch travel through a neighbouring village, whether it was by video link or visiting the village with parents/carers. All schools competed in a variety of sporting events including; a mini Olympics tournament at Thornes Park, a football tournament and school sports day for pupils. This signified our intent and commitment to PE, sport and healthy lifestyles.

What is Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium Funding?

Currently, the government provide additional funding to Primary Schools in order to improve provision of physical education and sport. Previously, each school received £8000 plus an extra £5 per child from Years 1-6 known as the Sports Premium Grant (SPG) Schools understand that the PE and Sport Premium funding has been allocated by the Government until 2020. This year all schools have received additional funding and for St. Austin’s this will amount to £16000 plus a £10 per pupil allocation. (Year 1-6)

The Government’s commitment to every Primary School providing specific funding to develop Physical Education and competitive sport to promote healthy lifestyles and wellbeing assists us in our work to create opportunities and awareness for healthy living.

As a result of the Sports Premium Grant, we have been able to buy specialist teachers to deliver high quality PE and Sport, whilst at the same time providing bespoke CPD for our teaching and teaching support staff. It has allowed to build a support network for staff and many opportunities for pupils to compete in a variety of sporting events. Our specialist PE teacher’s work alongside class teachers in lessons to create a rich dialogue, a variety of engaging activities set at the appropriate level and measure pupil progress. After school clubs and activities offered provide additional opportunities for pupils to participate in sport/wellbeing activities. The impact of this specialist teacher support has been that staff feel more confident to delivery their own high quality lessons that engage pupils at all levels. The participation levels are the high and our pupil’s enjoyment has improved.

The structure adopted for developing PE and sporting clubs means our children are gaining new skills and experiences and teachers are learning new techniques and gaining knowledge to aid their professional development in teaching sport and PE. We want our children to develop a secure understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through active participation in Sport and PE.

We believe that a person’s mental wellbeing is key to ensuring happiness and resilience when facing challenge. Times for quiet reflection can be as valuable as times of intense physical exercise and with this in mind and reflecting the ethos of our community, pupils engage in daily meditation for age appropriate periods of time to help improve relaxation and reflection techniques as well as assisting concentration techniques and helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. On this theme, this year, we aim to develop wellbeing sessions for staff (working with the BKCAT Sports, Health and Wellbeing Manager). A similar programme we hope can then be developed to support children and families in areas such as, anger management and stress reduction. We would like to build this into a whole school approach.

We aim for:

  • Children to have life-long love of PE, Sport and Physical Activity an understanding of a Healthy Lifestyle and a range of strategies to support their physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Development of staff confidence and ability to deliver higher quality PE lessons, improving the learning and participation of ALL pupils.
  • Creating further opportunities for more pupils to participate in Sports at after school clubs.
  • Increased participation in competitive sports amongst our pupils/Trust.
  • Development of pupil confidence and self-belief in their sporting ability.
  • Creating links with local schools giving opportunities to socialise and compete with other children outside of their school.
  • An improvement in the provision and resourcing of PE Equipment to enable staff to deliver higher quality PE.

Pupil questionnaires highlighted that last year;

All children at St. Austin’s reported that they enjoyed PE.

Pupils asked for a football, dance and netball after school club- now provided

Pupil quote – “I enjoy PE, I like working hard and working with others.”

Recent sporting and wellbeing activities and achievements include:

Sports Day 2018  includes a wider variety of sporting and fitness experiences for all 315 pupils UFS to Y6. Pupils competed in teams and colours common to family groups to ensure parents support was not split or compromised. Pupils moved through a variety of timed activities scoring points for their team and gaining stickers and rewards for their efforts. Pupils and parents, on the day, spoke with enthusiasm and joy about what they had experienced and it is hoped to develop something similar in UFS and KS1 in summer 2018. The event was very well attended and took place over a full day fro the first time in 2018 to allow Sports Leaders in KS2 to be involved in leading sports for our younger children.

All Weather Running Track was installed in the school grounds for use by pupils throughout the school day. 6 laps of the track equates to 1K and allows pupils to challenge themselves daily in a fun way.

St Austin’s Got Talent an annual event giving children the opportunity to share their talents and skills, some of which they gain from clubs beyond the school day. Dance, gymnastics and self-defence displays form part of this. Auditions were open to all pupils with 30 pupils from year groups across school taking part in the final, providing them with the opportunity to prepare, practice and perform skills to a large adult audience at the theatre.

Transition Days for Y6 pupils to high schools allow them to sample PE at KS3 and to gain insight into the variety of activities and clubs that they can become involved in. Some pupils (8 from year 6) with a talent for dance were able to participate in a 2 day liturgical dance workshop with the end result shared with parents and parishioners across the BKCAT.

A 3 day residential outdoor adventure experience for Y6 pupils to develop a wide variety of skills linked to the PE curriculum. Parent and pupil responses including parent letters confirmed the excellent experience that pupils had been given.

Y4 and Y2 skipping events provided coaching for 90 pupils to develop a range of skipping skills and techniques. At break-times ropes were provided for pupils to practice and improve and this led to 75 pupils representing the school at festivals held at a partner high school. In year 2 pupils performed well enough to win the competition outright.

BKCAT Athletics provides an opportunity to build on learning in PE lessons Y4 pupils (45) and Y3 pupils (45) participated in athletics tournaments at St Wilfrid’s along with other BKCAT and local primary schools.

Football coaching-girls During March 2017 girls in lower KS2 took part in training and competition with other local primary schools in order to increase confidences in participating in competitive team sport. (30 girls involved)

BKCAT Fun Run bringing Y5 pupils together from across the BKCAT to enjoy running and raise funds for the BKCAT annual charity. (2015/16 Yorkshire Air Ambulance raising more than £16,000 and this year for Cystic Fibrosis- amount raised to be finalised.)

2016: Wakefield Skipping Festival (Third Place)

2016: Catholic Partnership Football Tournament (Quarter Finals)

2017: Wakefield Skipping Festival Year 2 (Winners)

2017: Wakefield Skipping Festival Year 4 (4th)

2017: BKCAT Year 5/6 Boy’s football tournament (Winners)

Long Term Plans for developing pupil’s skills in PE

Evaluation and Impact of the Sports Premium Grant 2015-16

Evaluation and Impact of the Sports Premium Grant 2016-17

Evaluation and Impact of the Sports Premium Grant 2017-18

Sports Premium Grant Action Plan 2017-18

Sports Premium Grant Action Plan 2018-19

Sports Premium Grant Action Plan 2019 – 20