Sports Premium Grant

Currently, the government provide additional funding to Primary Schools in order to improve provision of physical education and sport.

We aim for:

  • Children to have life-long love of PE, Sport and Physical Activity, an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and a range of strategies to support their physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Development of staff confidence and ability to deliver higher quality PE lessons, improving the learning and participation of ALL pupils.
  • Creating further opportunities for more pupils to participate in sports at after school clubs.
  • Increased participation in competitive sports amongst our pupils/Trust.
  • Development of pupil confidence and self-belief in their sporting ability.
  • Creating links with local schools giving opportunities to socialise and compete with other children outside of their school.
  • An improvement in the provision and resourcing of PE Equipment to enable staff to deliver higher quality PE.

SPG St Austins 2022-2023 – Reviewed July 2023

Evaluation and Impact of the Sports Premium Grant 2021-22

Sports Premium Grant Action Plan 2019 – 20