Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that you will make on behalf of your child so we are delighted that you are considering St Austin’s. We would advise all parents to visit any school that they are intending sending their child to. We offer more information in our prospectus but nothing beats seeing first-hand the caring environment that your child will be entering.

Admission Arrangements for September 2024 (Reception class)

Applications for our Reception class for September 2024 opens on 1st November 2023 and closes on the 15th January 2024.

If you are applying for a reception place for September 2024, all applications are made in advance. Offers are made by local authorities on national offer day.   The LA website Click here is a composite prospectus for all Wakefield schools and includes information about:

  • all the steps you need to go through to make an application
  • the key dates
  • a search tool to see if your home address gives any higher priority for admission to any school(s)
  • an explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)
  • the online application portal – apply online and you will be sent your offer by email
  • a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria
  • data about who got a place in the last 3 years – this will help you work out if there is a reasonable chance of your child qualifying for a place.
  • Information about applying under a specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria.

If you are applying for admission under our faith criteria, you will need to send to our school (not the local authority) a competed Supplementary Information Form (SIF). We need to receive this by 15th January 2023.  You also need to make an application to the local authority asking for a place at our school. You do this online at the above link.  If you do not send the application to the local authority, you will not have made a valid application for a place at our school.

The school will contact all successful applicants directly after the 17th April (national offer day) with further information regarding admissions and our welcome meeting.

Please read the information given below which gives details of our admission arrangements for the school.

The school will hold sessions for prospective parents on Wednesday 22nd November at 09:30, 14:00 and 16:00. Please contact the school office  on 01924 339435 to book into one of these time slots.



In Year Admissions and Transfers

A mid-year application is normally made due to a change in your child’s address. Sometimes, it can be because your child is having difficulties at their current school and you would like to move them to a different school.

To make a mid-year application for a place at a school in the Wakefield district (regardless of whether you live in Wakefield or not) you must use a Wakefield admissions form. You must also complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and return this to school directly. If you wish to apply for a place at a school outside the District, please contact the school for application details and let the Wakefield Admissions Team know that you have done so.

Before you stop your child attending their current school, please check that the school you want them to move to can offer them a place.

If your child is having problems at school, please tell the Headteacher immediately; they may be able to sort the problems out. The Education Welfare Service may also be able to help (see Section 7). You can contact them on 01924 307451.

Please note that Wakefield has agreed an ‘In Year Fair Access Protocol’. This means that some applications to move school may be given a higher priority than others. You can get a copy of the protocol from the Council’s website: or call the School Admissions Team on 01924 306052.


Appeals for in year applications are carried out throughout the year and are carried out by WMDC. Please access the Wakefield Council Website for more information.

If your preference for a school place cannot be met you have the right of appeal. All appeals are organised by Committee Services. Your appeal should be submitted within 20 days from the receipt of refusal. You will be asked to complete a form, clearly stating your reasons for your appeal.

Further information can also be found on the GOV.UK website.