Friends of the Honey Bee

‘Friends of the Honey Bee’ is a BBKA initiative aimed at reaching out to schools and other community groups to encourage them to become more bee-friendly and aware of the importance of all pollinators.

Below you will find some of the projects that we have created that have helped us to be recognised by the British Beekeeper’s Association as a school that is a Friend of the Honey Bee.

In 2021, BKCAT held its first “Climate Summit”. During the day, many people presented, including Mr Senior who spoke about “Bees, Pollination and our Changed Climate”. This sparked something in our Eco Team. They were determined that we would make the school grounds Pollinator Friendly.

The first thing we needed to do was to audit what we already had. KS1 helped by taking part in a Spring Pollinator Plant Hunt. The object was to identify the pollen and nectar sources that we already had on-site.

Once we had our baseline, then we could start putting together the projects that we needed to bring our dreams to reality.

We worked with “Grow Wakefield” and visited their community garden to get inspiration.

The children worked together to prepare, plant, and care for our Pollinator Patches to provide nectar and pollen for visiting insects.

Our children planted sunflower seeds which were planted out for bees.

Our headteacher, Mr. Molyneux, supported the children’s wish to have bees on site and our resident Beekeeper gave demonstrations and talks to the children.

Our Eco Team painted and put up bird boxes to attract garden birds to our school grounds.