Day 22 – Mindful colouring

Recently, colouring books have become popular for adults as well as children. But people have been colouring for clarity and meditation since ancient times. When you colour, you create a
space where you are concentrating on keeping the colour in the lines and how the colours interact with each other to create the whole picture. When you choose a colour, there is a thought
process and a purpose to it.

Find a picture to colour. You might already have a colouring book you can use. You can search online for something to print by searching for Mindful colouring along with anything what you’d like to colour or search for. You might be able to print something from school if you don’t have a printer. If that is not an option, try to find a black and white picture from a newspaper or book that you are allowed to colour. Or maybe someone can draw something for you to colour in. There are also apps and websites where you can colour in pictures or colour by numbers. Search for ‘colour games’ online.

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