Day 17 – Face the feeling

You can do this on your own or with others.

Write or draw some feelings or moods on pieces of paper, or print the feelings squares at the end of this workbook and cut them out. Then fold them and put them in a bowl.

If you are with others:

Pick out a feeling from the bowl, but don’t show anyone. Make a face to represent the feeling with your back turned away. Hold the face and cover your mouth and turn back around.

Let everyone guess the feeling by looking at your eyes. When each person has guessed, move your hands away and see if they change their answers. When everyone has guessed again, show them the feeling you had picked.

Put that feeling back as another person’s face will be different for that feeling. You might want to shake the feeling out of your head and body when your turn is over.

If you are on your own, make the face into the mirror or take a selfie.

Write or draw in your journal about what you see and feel:

Does the face remind you of someone or something? Maybe you look like another person in your family when they have the same feeling, or maybe it reminds you of something else like an event or an animal.

What do you feel in other parts of your body when you make the face? Shake off the feeling by shaking your head and wiggling your body when you are done.

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