Day 15 – Rock friend


When you are outside, look for some rocks or stones with a smooth side. When you get the rock(s) home, wash them, and when the rocks are dry, you can begin the activity. Use paints or felt tip pens to create some rock friends. You can also use stickers or tape drawings you have made on paper onto them.

Rock friends can look however you want. They can be animals, people, plants or patterns. Lots of ideas can be found here:

You can make a rock friend for yourself and keep it in your Mindful Box. In your journal, you can write about your rock friends. You might want to choose what their name is, their favourite colour, their favourite food, their age, or anything that you can think of.

You can also paint other rock friends too, so they can have company or to give to your friends and family.

One great thing about rock friends is that they always listen and you don’t have to say anything out loud for them to hear. You can write letters to your rock friend in your journal. Having something that will listen to you will help a lot with worries.

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