Day 12 – Spy Time

There is a game called ‘Eye Spy’ that you might have played before. This version will use all of your senses. If you can, go for a walk with someone you can play with. You can play in your home too. The person who you play with can be there with you in person, or you can talk to them over the phone, in video chat or text. You can also play with a few people if you like.

Each person takes turns guessing what the other is ‘spying’ through different senses.

Sight: I spy with my eye something that is… (something you can see, describe with one word the look, like colour or shape)
Sound: I hear with my ear something that is… (something you can hear, describe with one word the sound in volume or pitch, or you can make the sound yourself)
Touch: I feel with my skin something that feels… (something you can feel, describe with one word what the object would feel like)
Smell: I smell with my nose something that smells… (something you can smell or would smell if you were close to it, describe the smell with a word)
Taste: I taste with my tongue something that tastes… (describe the taste of something you see or thinking of, it might be from an advert that you can see or what you have eaten before. However, please don’t lick random things to know what they taste like!

The other people playing can ask yes or no questions about what the object is until someone makes the correct guess. Whoever guesses right can choose who the next spy is.

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