Day 10 – Cloudy with a chance of feelings

How are you feeling?

In your journal, make a word cloud or a picture cloud of the feelings you have had. The words or pictures will be bigger in size depending on how often or how strong you have felt the feeling. If it is a very strong feeling or you feel like it’s something you feel a lot, make it really big. If it’s something that you sometimes feel or it doesn’t last very long, make it smaller.

Your cloud can be in any shape, e.g. a hand outline, or it can be spread across the page.

At the end of this workbook, there are some examples of feelings if you are having a tough time thinking of some. Try to think of them on your own first though.

If you like to use the computer, you can search for feelings on word cloud generators online.

In your journal, answer some questions about your feelings:

  • What feeling or mood is the largest?
  • When did you feel this way? (It could be a certain time of the day or maybe something happened)
  • How did you react? (Maybe you laughed, cried, slammed a door, or breathed deeply)

As you move forward through this workbook, make notes in your journal of emotions or moods you have every day. Draw emoji’s or write the word. Being able to identify your emotions and moods will help you find out what causes them and how you can control them.

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