The Spiritual Life of our School

The spiritual life of our school is a central feature of our approach to learning and the school upholds a strong Catholic Ethos.

The teaching of love and respect for all regardless of religion or culture are core principles which we foster in our children in order to prepare them for life in modern Britain. We believe, and we encourage our children to believe that people should treat everyone with respect whatever their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, special need or disability. The pupils’ sense of community, where respect for each other is paramount and everyone helps everyone else, is extremely strong in our school and we have an emphasis on truth, honesty, justice and fairness reinforced by the acts of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Through learning about other faiths, celebrations and practice, traditions of other religions and cultures are shared and through this is a strong sense of social awareness and responsible behaviour is encouraged and praised.

Children are aware of the need to respect everyone as reflected in the school’s mission statement. Further, we build the self-esteem in our children to give them strategies to be positive about others and not be influenced by any negative peer pressure that they may encounter.

Our aim is for all of our pupils to be highly considerate and supportive of each other and that they develop a greater understanding and empathy with the community in which they live, the national community and the global community.