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Welcome to St Austin’s Catholic Primary School

I’m delighted and incredibly proud, as the Headteacher, to welcome you to St. Austin’s School. Our school ensures that the child and their family are at the very centre of everything we do.

St Austin’s Catholic Primary School is a voluntary academy and a partner school with the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust. We are a school of faith, achievement, care, quality and opportunity for all.

Our school puts Christ at the centre of everything it does by integrating Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church into every aspect of learning and teaching and the totality of school life. Our children’s journey towards adulthood will also be a journey of faith.

We are a school family and make it our duty to go above and beyond to support our children and families. We firmly believe that mental health and wellbeing weaves through all aspects of school. We value every child’s uniqueness, as such, we discuss every child, as an individual through progress meetings and meetings with parents to talk about their wellbeing, involvement, attendance, progress, friendships, any concerns and planned actions to support.

We have made significant improvements over the last two to three years, including reading, our wider curriculum offer, SEND provision and the quality of teaching and learning. Ofsted continue to recognise that we are a GOOD school. We are lucky to have a highly-skilled, committed team who strive for the upmost success for our children and who have a caring and supportive ethos at their core. St. Austin’s Catholic Primary School is undoubtedly a unique school.

We are passionate about reading and are determined that every child will be a confident reader, to open up a world of exciting learning and opportunities for them. We have been a Little Wandle (Phonics Scheme) school since September 2022, our children our taught in small groups according to their stage of learning and we have a dedicated reading leader. Reading is embedded across the curriculum and we actively promote reading for pleasure in a homely environment. We work closely with the local Jerry Clay English Hub who recently commented “It is lovely to work with a school that clearly prioritises reading. The impact you are having on reading is so clear.”

I’m passionate about safeguarding the intrinsic value of childhood, ensuring that all our children can enjoy exciting and challenging learning experiences, nurtured well-being and friendships. I truly believe that every child has the ability to succeed whatever their starting point and I want each child to flourish to achieve their full and unique potential and are inspired to become confident, resilient learners.

Mr John Molyneux 


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Mental Wellbeing @ St. Austin’s

The mental wellbeing of pupils and staff is of paramount importance to us… [read more about mental wellbeing]

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A Heartfelt Thank You to Our St. Austin’s Parent CommunityThis Wednesday morning turned into a wonderful gathering of minds and hearts, as parents from our St. Austin's family came together for the Spring Term Parent Forum Meeting. We were delighted to see the turnout, as we welcomed more than double the number of attendees compared to our autumn term meeting. It's a testament to the vibrant and engaged community we're so proud to be part of.Over coffee, tea, and delightful breakfast pastries, we embarked on insightful conversations, shared laughter, and explored the workings of our school together. Your feedback, suggestions, and innovative ideas were not just welcomed but truly valued. It's clear that each of you holds a deep interest in not only the education of your children but also in the continuous improvement and success of St. Austin’s.Your curiosity about our curriculum, the thoughtful questions about our approaches, and the constructive suggestions for our future endeavours have provided us with invaluable perspectives. It was a privilege to share with you the whys and hows of what we do, and even more so, to listen to what you think can enhance our collective journey.To those who attended, your involvement is a powerful reminder of how collaboration between parents and educators can shape a more enriching, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment for our children. Your willingness to engage, contribute, and share your ideas is what makes St. Austin’s not just a school, but a community.Thank you for taking the time to join us, for sharing your morning and your thoughts. We're already looking forward to the next meeting and to seeing even more of you there. Together, we're not just growing; we're thriving.#StAustinsFamily #ParentForumMeeting #CommunityEngagement #ThankYou ... See MoreSee Less
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